The 3’s Classroom

The 3’s Classroom {36 months – 48 months}


  • Unopened packages of pullups, wipes, diaper ointment {if child still uses it}
  • Couple changes of clothes
  • Nap Time items {blanket, fitted crib sheet & comforting items}

    Each child’s belongings will be labeled with their name and placed in separate cubbies and/or cots. They will also have their mailboxes with their school work from that day for parents to pick up.

    Each child will have a daily sheet that has information reporting to parents some of the activities throughout that day along with meals, snacks, potty times, nap time, outside times, as well as any comments or concerns the parents might need to know.

     In the 3’s class the kids continue to work on and master what they learned in the 2’s room and also learn: letter sounds, writing: letters, numbers, & shapes, all about money, how to color in the lines and much more. The class still focuses on sharing, being kind to friends, and independent clean up.


The 3’s Classroom

Half Day Preschool & Pre-K

3’s class Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. $100 monthly

  • Children must be potty trained
  • Country Kids program will follow the calendar of Indian Creek Schools.
  • We use Teaching Strategies curriculum
  • A snack and drink will be provided
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